Erika Palmer,

Creative Director

Hey! I’m Erika, co-owner of Purpose Marketing. I’m a whiskey girl with a creative soul. An entrepreneur mindset is in my blood so I have never had the luxury of allowing fear to get in my way. Which leads me to say the one thing you should know about me is that I’m not afraid to make moves.

My career so far has been everything I could have possibly dreamed of. Even the days of living in a new city, working three jobs to make ends meet, and not knowing where my life was going – I love all those parts too. I’ve worked with small business to large corporations and a lot in between. I’ve found that with each new season was another opportunity for growth and most of the time that meant change.

Owning a business has always been in the plans but I didn’t pursue it until I figured out what really fuels me. Then I created a purpose. I’ve dedicated my work to something bigger than myself so when the going gets tough my only option will be to push through. Call me a dreamer, but I know that Purpose Marketing is going to do great things in this world. If you don’t believe me, just watch me – I’m not a sidelines kind of gal!

Erika Palmer from Purpose Marketing